External Links

Admins can now add sites to link directly from the app and those links will show up in the app when parents are signed in as well. This is great if you want to link to your PTA website or a site where students can check on student progress, etc.

To do this, navigate to School Settings > External App Links.

Then, click the blue Inline Add box to add a new link. Once clicked, it will open up several boxes for you to fill in:

  • In the Menu Text field, type the name for the link.
  • In the Menu URL field, type in (or copy and paste the link from the website) you would like to use. *please note: you must include the "https://www." section of the web address in order for the link to work properly
  • In the Allowed User Types field you can select the users you would like to be able to view the links- you can select more than one user type.
  • In the Sort Order field assign the link a number. If you want the link to appear first in your list of links, assign it as 1. If you would have 3 links already and would like it to appear last, assign it the next highest number. 
  • In the Active field, select Yes to make the link active. 

Once you have filled out all the fields, you can click the blue check box to the left of the Menu Text field to save your link.

To edit your existing external app links, click the inline edit icon, as shown her, and make your changes:

To delete an external app link, check the box for the link you would like to delete and select Delete, as shown here:

Once you have added your links, this is how they appear as a user:

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