Assigning/Approving Room Parents

If you received an email notifying you that a parent has requested becoming a Room Parent, please follow these steps to approve them:

**In order to be able to add room parents to your classroom, the senior admin for AtoZ Connect must enable the setting to allow teachers/staff to add families in the school settings. If they haven't done so, please email your point of contact and have them enable this setting.

First, the email that you receive will look like this:

 Click Login & Review to be taken to the main login Page. 

Once you log in, click the 3 white bars to expand the menu tabs, then click Manage Class Students.

Click "Search For Additional Students" 

Select the grade of the student whose parent would like to be a room parent and click "Click to Search".

Then, select "Assign Role To Parent"

This opens the box below.

  1. Update the fields to assign a parent to a Role. 
    1. Select Student - Search for a parent in the database by selecting their student.
    2. Select Parent - This list will populate the parents in the household for the student selected.
    3. Select Role - Select the Role you wish to assign to the parent.
    4. Notes - Add any additional notes 
    5. Display as Point of Contact - Select Yes or No depending if this parent should be the point of contact for the role they are assigned to. This opens the box above, where you can update all the fields.

Click Save. An email will be sent out to the parent who requested becoming a Room Parent letting them know they have been added!

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